8 Herbal and Natural Remedies for Diabetes

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Diabetes is considered as a disease in which the deficiency or excess of blood sugar causes other health problems. This is caused by the lack of a hormone named insulin in the body. Generally, the symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, weight loss which occurs suddenly, tiredness and fatigue and longer duration to heal. Generally one can always take pills for this, but here are some natural ways to deal with diabetes.


Dr. Gerard C. Buffo

Dr. Buffo specializes in Heart Disease, Cancer, Women’s Health, Lyme Disease and Digestion. He also teaches Ayurveda at the University of Hartford.

Dr. Gerard C. Buffo

Dr. Buffo specializes in Heart Disease, Cancer, Women’s Health, Lyme Disease and Digestion. He also teaches Ayurveda at the University of Hartford.

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HillaryWhyte 5pts

Hillary Whyte is my name; i suffered Diabetes for several years. My sugar level was as high as anything you can think about. i looked for how to get rid of this diabetes for a long period of time, but could not found any solution. Though i have always believed on herbal medicine, but was never chanced to look for any because of my political carrier. But not too long i saw some good news on the internet on how a herbal doctor cured so many persons of various diseases, and viruses. So i also decided to contact the doctor those people talked about he is by the name Doctor Uwadia Amenifo. I emailed him, and i explained my problem to him, he said he has the cure for diabetes and i decided to give him a try because there is no harm in trying. So i started the process, and he prepared some herbs, and sent it to me here in my country, so i began to use it, and behold it worked for me like a magic. I am happy to say today i am diabetes free, and my sugar level is back to normalcy. Please if you also have same, and or similar problem please rush to contact Doctor Uwadia Amenifo before it becomes too late for you. His email is [email protected] and his phone number is +2349052015874. Just email, or call him.

Priti Parekh
Priti Parekh 5pts

Another one I know they taste very bitter Catherine Taylor

Jalpa Vinal Patel
Jalpa Vinal Patel 5pts

Yes!! They should able to !! Powder is the best way of taking.

Deepika Sharma
Deepika Sharma 5pts

In which form can we get it back in India ? Is it easily available ? Ayurvedic docs will be able to prescribe ?

Raoul Gellacone
Raoul Gellacone 5pts

I love this bitter gourd so much \U0001f60b\U0001f60b\U0001f44c\U0001f3fb

Bonifacio Langamon
Bonifacio Langamon 5pts

YES! its really very true, my neighbor he almost blind due to diabetes.take this for 2yrs everyday his life got back to normal.

Mena Alan
Mena Alan 5pts

Have tried this, its bitter but good for health!

Patricia Larios
Patricia Larios 5pts

Kataria the bad dises are the Medicine it has consequences and drug's .

Joiè Lumière Massager
Joiè Lumière Massager 5pts

Lesedi Mlesho how about this? Raya mothonyana yole a leke gongwe re ka bua sengwe se se botoka

Patricia Larios
Patricia Larios 5pts

I never used insulin I control my sugar whit cinnamon and oackra is work .

AngelaAyurveda YogaandCulture
AngelaAyurveda YogaandCulture 5pts

Yescenia Delacruz Hirschauer let me put you on a diet of herbs and seeds.... just try it for a month and if you dont like it, you can go back to what you are doing!!!

Ayurveda 5pts

Tina Allen We are fixing the problem! Kindly cooperate! :)

Tina Allen
Tina Allen 5pts

Can't even read the article for ads being shoved in my face.

Mena Llanes
Mena Llanes 5pts

Love bittermelon pork and eggplants.

Rina Soun
Rina Soun 5pts

I eat those in soup. Mmmmmmm good

Chandanee Sembhoo
Chandanee Sembhoo 5pts

Cut z veg.into thin slices n remove all z seeds. Then soak in vinegar for a few hrs in fridge. After that throw z vinegar n sqeeze well 2 remove z bitterness .Add black pepper, onion, salt n olive oil.Ready to serve with rice r chapati.

Barbara Amos
Barbara Amos 5pts

Meesha BaddAsz Lynn I'm going to kick ya ass