7 Ways Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight

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When you think of yoga do you think of sitting cross-legged in a yoga studio chanting ‘om’ for 60 minutes? When I think of yoga, I think of sweating, intensity, breathing heavy, a toned-body and weight-loss!

7 Ways Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight

7 Ways Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight



There are many types of yoga and the style of yoga that I teach – POWER YOGA – in addition to other styles of yoga like Anusara, Vinyasa and Bikram (to name a few) can actually be quite a workout and get you in shape or help you mix-up your workout if you’ve reached a plateau.

In a Power Yoga Class, every class is a workout. A test of endurance for both the body and mind. Sweating is guaranteed; water is a necessity; and becoming stronger and leaner are natural results.

However, you don’t have to be a power yogi in order to achieve the benefits of yoga. And most specifically the weight-loss benefits of yoga. That’s right, yoga can help you to trim your waist line for a variety of reasons in a variety of different styled yoga classes.

One: Natural Strength Building. 
You work your muscles in many postures (especially in the balancing poses) which helps create better metabolism with overall muscular strength.

Two: Increase The Heart Rate And Activate Internal Body Heat. 
When you pick up the pace and move breath to movement (especially in the sun salutation series), the cardio system is pumped up without straining the heart and without beating up the knees and ankles.

Three: Stimulates The GI (gastrointestinal) Tract’s Vital Force. 
A GI tract that is weak leads to poor digestion and weight gain. A sluggish liver will be an obstacle for your metabolism. On the other hand, a strong liver helps you to digest foods better, leading to less wait time in the GI tract. All types of back-bending postures in yoga exercise the entire abdominal area in addition to flexing the spinal cord to create more overall flexibility and proper alignment.

Four: Flexing The Colon Will Help Unclog Waste. 
This can be achieved with “Bandhas.” Bandhas are inner ‘locks’ that hold energy within certain areas of the body in addition to harmonizing one’s vital energy. Bandhas also help tone abs too.

Five: Alleviating “Comfort Food” Binging. 

Savasana is how most, if not all, yoga classes end. It looks easy but it’s a challenging posture of rest where you learn to relax every muscle in your body, aligning your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. When done correctly, it opens up energy channels in the body to cure ailments and relieve the tension that invites “comfort food” binging.

Six: Activates The Thyroid Gland. 
Certain postures, like shoulder stand, activate the thyroid gland, which plays an important role in maintaining a healthy weight because it regulates the metabolism.

Seven: Detoxification. 
Twisting postures help to remove unwanted toxins from the body. Toxins and pesticides are held onto in fatty tissues to help dilute their toxicity. By removing those toxins from the body, the body no longer has a need for the fat cells that were previously used as a buffer.

If you haven’t yet tried yoga, I encourage you to look-up classes in your area, surf the web for videos or even sign up for virtual yoga classes! Yoga truly is a fantastic way to help your body and mind relax and unite and is part of a holistic healthy lifestyle.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Janet Nader
Janet Nader 5pts

I do all these exercises but diet also counts a lot

Chit May
Chit May 5pts

Good news for me.Thanks!

Farha Waseem
Farha Waseem 5pts

How many times do I have to do each pose? and what is the best time? Is night ok?

Kiran Heer
Kiran Heer 5pts

That's great Justin. What diet did u do with it?

Ayurveda 5pts

It is definitely amazing! Keep your practice going good luck :)

Justin Cross
Justin Cross 5pts

It has helped me lose over 40lbs in six months, I still can't believe how amazing the whole yoga life can be.

Manisha Burman
Manisha Burman 5pts

How many times do i have to do it? Plz advice because of my post pregnancy i have really put on enough weight and stubborn fats does'nt seems to dissappear.

Ana Joslin
Ana Joslin 5pts

Eliz Joslin Giffey vamos fazer? :)

Wendy Walsh
Wendy Walsh 5pts

What for I'm a bit passed that I don't care take me as I am lol

Shilpi Banda
Shilpi Banda 5pts

I lost nearly 20 kgs..Please like my page to know about my weight loss journey and more www.facebook.com/loseweightwithshilpi

Uraia Dusilele
Uraia Dusilele 5pts

Kesa Ravia me oti sara tu ga kana qari me qai caka na style oqori.

Vasu Vyapuri
Vasu Vyapuri 5pts

ஏய் புலியே நான் விஜய் சொல்லிக்கவேண்டியதுதானே

Andre Sands
Andre Sands 5pts

Lorraine Conway join my Pilates classes u will love them

Waraha Farooq
Waraha Farooq 5pts

i do it regularly but will u tell me what can i do for my back pain..?

Ayurveda 5pts

Will power can do wonders! :)

Anu Sharma
Anu Sharma 5pts

oho kabhi weight put on k leye bhi bta du

Ayurveda 5pts

True! :) AvtarandSurinder Sodhi

Ayurveda 5pts

yes! Aide Granados Flores :)

Cilia Stein
Cilia Stein 5pts

I would like to tray. Hoping it would help