7 Natural Ways to Relieve Constipation Without Over the Counter Laxatives

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Constipation is one of the most common and easily noticeable signs that something is not right with the stomach, intestines, or general digestive system. Constipation is not a disease or illness as such, though it can be a symptom of other digestive tract disorders or infections. It is however something that occurs in people of all ages – but more common in elderly people.  Here are the best 7 methods of getting rid of constipation:

Kerry Tombs-Harling

A registered practitioner with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA), and is on the Standards Committee of NAMA.

Kerry Tombs-Harling

A registered practitioner with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA), and is on the Standards Committee of NAMA.

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kaybono 5pts

I thought that you weren't supposed to drink a lot of fluids with your meals as it will put out the digestive fire.

Lance Laford
Lance Laford 5pts

You can always put something up there too... just saying..

Judy French Zuniga
Judy French Zuniga 5pts

Milled Flax seed.....shake it on or in what ever you eat. Aloe Vera juice...I mix it with juices & smoothies.

Sheree Bennett Thomas
Sheree Bennett Thomas 5pts

LaQue NoSoportan thanks for asking, you can get it from my website @totallifechanges.com/shereethomas IBO#4039471

Tami Flatley
Tami Flatley 5pts

Eat cabbage and your greens you'll be fine

Luicla Leonard
Luicla Leonard 5pts


Chloe Alexis Clark
Chloe Alexis Clark 5pts

Can't open or see the 7 natural ways to relieve constipation..pls help .Many thanks

Ayurveda 5pts

Hey! The bug was fixed could you.please send us a screenshot so we could help you

Ayurveda 5pts

Could you send us a screenshot please

Joy Hastings
Joy Hastings 5pts

Am tired of the difficulty in finding the articles because of so many ads, therefore am just stopping your page completely

Lana Pierce Hazard
Lana Pierce Hazard 5pts

Your articles are way to hard to read for all the ads. I always just move on

Kirth Gonzales
Kirth Gonzales 5pts

Uniquely Devine has it down right and some please take note my friends to good health

Uniquely Devine
Uniquely Devine 5pts

During a colonic the water is being put directly to your colon. You can watch and see what comes out. Whatevers therw they will tell you. When i had my first colonic it didnt move my bowels. My volon was dehydrated and was hard. Your. Waste can either be like pouring water on clay or water on concrete.

Miyako Anne Seffinger
Miyako Anne Seffinger 5pts

Oh yea, i always OD on water to help make things move along easier! Like, drinking at least 8 oz really fast...then wait & repeat, as much as your bladder can take.

Miyako Anne Seffinger
Miyako Anne Seffinger 5pts

Prunes...lots of them! I ate like 10 a day after my c-section & was smooth sailing after that. They're not bad at all, like eating huge raisins. (Not the really dried out ones though. Juicier is better!) Or if you are lactose intolerant, drink milk! \U0001f602 that will help clean you out too.

Ayurveda 5pts

Thanks for the information! :)

Uniquely Devine
Uniquely Devine 5pts

Research a product called colonix. Look at the reviews. You will see the plaque the parasites the yeast. Most of us are backed up 11 meals atleast since we began eating food. If you bloat when you eat, most likely you have parasites. You ever notice a puppy with worms when they eat, how big the belly gets? The vet tells you to be careful about the hook worm. It can attack yiur dogs heart. Well heart attacks and strokes come from these nasty parasites. They are living off your waste. Affecting yiur health. Stop listening to these doctors. Go organic, take a hoilistic approach and save yourself.

Uniquely Devine
Uniquely Devine 5pts

How much for what a colonic? Or the colon cleansers? Research a hoilistic doctor. They give colonics. Its very reasonable. Research a colonix reciew yiu will see all the things that you wont believe are in your colon. Youd be amazed. And want to get your colon flushed.

Uniquely Devine
Uniquely Devine 5pts

Rrseach colonic. They fill your colon with water. More water than yiu can drink. Aiding in removing waste. Muccous, plaque, parasites. You can see what comes out. You may have a blockage. Your colon can be dehydrated. Muctoid plaque holding on to waste in your bowels. Parasites thrive on old waste. Making you bloated when you eat. Yiu ever see a dog with worms when it eats it stomach gets real bloated. Try it im sure yiu will find great results. Look for a hoilistic docfor in your area.