10 Reasons Why A Custard Apple A Day Is Good For You

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Contains rich amounts of Vitamin A, nutrient that results in healthy hair, skin and eyes. High amounts of Vitamin B6 reduces inflammation of the bronchial tube, reducing chances of asthma attacks. Rich in magnesium, a mineral that prevents cardiovascular disease and improves calcium absorption. It also reduces cholesterol and blood pressure.

This South America fruit can be juiced or even enjoyed raw. Here are 10 reasons why you should include it to your daily diet.
1. Skin and Hair: Great source of Vitamin A, a antioxidant that promotes shiny skin and hair.
2. Healthy Eyes: Vitamin A again to the rescue. This nutrient protects your cornea and retina from harmful radicals.
3. Aid Weight Gain: If you’ve got a problem gaining weight and are unable to no matter what you eat, then add a few custard apples to your everyday diet. They don’t contain refined sugars unlike most processed foods.
4. Eases Asthma: It contains a lot of Vitamin B6, a nutrient known to reduce inflammation of the bronchial tube. Consuming custard apples regularly can reduce the chances of asthma attacks.
5. Lower Heart Disease Risk: Contains good amounts of magnesium, a mineral that helps relax cardiac muscles and reduces heart disease risk.
6. Regulates Blood Pressure: They contain rich amounts of potassium, a mineral that helps relax blood vessel walls and normalizes blood pressure.
7. Reduce Cholesterol: Custard apples contain niacin and fiber, where one boosts good cholesterol levels and the other flushes out bad cholesterol from the system.
8. Prevents Anemia: It is rich in iron and boosts red blood cell production to prevent anemia.
9. Great Source of Energy: Contains thiamine, which helps convert food into energy. This improves you energy levels in general.
10. Strengthens Bones: Magnesium helps activate Vitamin D in the system, a nutrient that is vital for calcium absorption and bone health.

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CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Lorie Realeza Naldo
Lorie Realeza Naldo 5pts

Ah never heard of Monsanto here....Eastwest seed comp there is. Anyway those companies making gmo seeds...we really hve 2 b against them!

Claudine Schubert
Claudine Schubert 5pts

This country harbors a very bad company that has hurt other countries around the world. Monsanto seeds are genetically Modified with the same poisons they used in Viet Nam. They are the biggest seed company in the world. But you .cannot reuse the seeds. Why, because that's how they made their seeds. On e you use their seeds, you ha e to buy from them every year, or you could lose your farm. They will sue you. That's why we protest. Countries around the world kicked Monsanto seeds out of their country, and eould not except crops from the USA.

Fernando Sule
Fernando Sule 5pts

Actually it should mean more than one elder sister and the one saying it happens to live on the visayan part (no offense please) of our beloved country. I still believe that the fruit on the picture is what we call atis (custard apple) in our country. Its counterpart here in the US (which i understand comes from Mexico) is cherimoya. Cherimoya is a cross between our own atis and the soursop (guyabano). I still like the taste of our atis which unfortunately i don't see in any asian groceries here in California.

Stormy Sandi
Stormy Sandi 5pts

When shopping in Las Vegas they had it for $6 each. Knowing they were available in the street market in Kathmandu we took all we could get. We took home over 50 fruits for $25 . The airfare will kill you but not the fruit. We enjoyed all with 2 wasted. The finest, sweetest , custard Apple one can enjoy. We do better in Mango season. eat healthy

Lorie Realeza Naldo
Lorie Realeza Naldo 5pts

...we are very abundant w sweet mangoes n Lakatan bnnas...forgot d pineapples...

Lorie Realeza Naldo
Lorie Realeza Naldo 5pts

Wat do u mean by dat? Ur country stop importing fruits fr our country Phils? Wat fruits?....

Wendy Jean-Louis
Wendy Jean-Louis 5pts

We had three trees in our yard. I wasn't much of a fan, to sweet. Sugar apple is good though. Can only eat half

Patrice Weddington
Patrice Weddington 5pts

I've never seen it cut up like this before. You basically just peel it open and start eating it and spit out the seeds

Bhaskar Parekh
Bhaskar Parekh 5pts

It is different from chiramoya but the same family. My favorite too

Ada Oliva
Ada Oliva 5pts

Hayyy mi fruta preferida k deliciosoooo 🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮✌️✌

Mag Guarino
Mag Guarino 5pts

Mayita...I thought you'd find these facts interesting.

Becky Wong
Becky Wong 5pts

Might try them but where would be the best place to get them? Xx

Hitesh Singh Panwar Bantu
Hitesh Singh Panwar Bantu 5pts

इसका सही नाम सीताफल है । सेहत का खजाना है ।

Mauby Sorrel
Mauby Sorrel 5pts

We call them sugar apple in the Carribean

Aditya Wisudarma
Aditya Wisudarma 5pts

I try to do that but watermelon seeds are too small to spit so end up chewing it or looking for the seedless water melon

Tsuli Tsisdu
Tsuli Tsisdu 5pts

That sounds fun. Here in the U.S. we do the same with watermelon seeds. :)

Diana Osorio
Diana Osorio 5pts

So delicious this fruit! Can be produced here in Florida :)

Aditya Wisudarma
Aditya Wisudarma 5pts

In Indonesia we call it srikaya yum yum love it especially when I can spit the seeds from my mouth like a cannon ball

Claudine Schubert
Claudine Schubert 5pts

Hard to say how good this fruit is. When our country has gmo,d our apples. What was the ground like when our country pulled out of the Philippines? Contaminated!!! And then too, our country houses Monsanto, they should be charged with crimes against humanity. Now we have to look for ORGANIC food to be safe from the poisons. Wake up !! What are you feeding your kids??

Maggie Harte
Maggie Harte 5pts

It looks like soursop,you were right - you wouldn't have regretted buying it - it's very sweet though and grainy!

Fernandes Peppy
Fernandes Peppy 5pts

Ashok Seth my favorite ...remember you used to bring these for me waaayyyy back

Estrada Aileen
Estrada Aileen 5pts

this is not "atis" or custard apple but it looks the same. They say it's guya-apple( guya is short for guyabano) because the flesh looks like guyabano. it' s yummy! and it probably doesn't originate here in the philippines.

Jackie Webb
Jackie Webb 5pts

I was looking for soursop in an Asian store. They pointed me to this fruit. I didn't buy it cause I didn't know what it was.

Bokbok Lapoth
Bokbok Lapoth 5pts

I can't find it here in Reno Nevada. We call this fruit ATIS in the Phil.

Fayaz Tamanna
Fayaz Tamanna 5pts

I have seen these at my asian markets but just ignored them.Must try them now.

Cynthia Kantor
Cynthia Kantor 5pts

Where to buy is the problem. I live in a rural area that doesn't have an oriental grocery and hispanic grocery store has limited produce

Yasmin Khan
Yasmin Khan 5pts

We don't have it here in Saudi Arabia