Top 10 Natural Remedies For Kidney Stones

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1. Increase Your Hydration

This is by far the best natural remedy for kidney stones. People diagnosed with kidney stones should be consuming a minimum of 10 glasses of fluids on a daily basis. People who are at risk of developing cystine stones should drink more fluids, at least 14 glasses every day. To determine if you are drinking enough fluids, check if your urine is colourless. If not, then you ought to increase your hydration and must be consistent with it.

Water remains the best fluid for everyone and should comprise at least half of their hydration routine. Although there is calcium concentration in water in general, it plays a diminutive role in stone formation. Lemon juice (up to half a cup per day) is a wonderful ingredient that can be added to your water or food (especially good with meats or fish) and is proven to be beneficial in the prevention of kidney stones because it contains citric acid. As citrate levels in the body increase, your protection against kidney stones also increases. The high content of vitamin C will also boost your immune system.

2. Dandelion

A taproot perennial that grows abundantly in North America, Europe and Asia, dandelion (Taraxacum Officinale) has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties  that contribute to the prevention of kidney stones. On top of that, dandelion is a natural diuretic which makes it a great tonic and cleanser for our kidneys, often helping to dissolve stones and to prevent further formation of them. You can make an infusion of dandelion leaves or a decoction of the root, either by harvesting your own plants (the roots can be dried slowly in a warm oven for storage) or by buying ready-made dandelion tea bags or tincture. It is best taken unsweetened as the bitter taste stimulates the digestive system.

3. Pomegranates

Since pomegranates are low in potassium, they are great for people who are on a renal diet. A renal diet is generally low in protein, salt, phosphorus and potassium and is recommended for people who are suffering from renal problems like kidney stones and kidney failure. So if you are concerned about the risk of kidney stones, start your day with a glass of fresh pomegranate juice or make a habit of eating pomegranates.

4. Basil

Basil is commonly found in our kitchen, but did you know that basil is a known natural remedy for kidney stones? Basil can strengthen our kidneys.  Make a tea or juice out of fresh basil leaves, adding some raw honey. Drinking this delicious concoction everyday can help to alleviate the discomfort of kidney stones.

5. Grapefruit

Grapefruit ranks as one of the most powerful sources of antioxidants among fruits therefore the regular consumption of grapefruit can help you ward off urinary tract infection. Grapefruit juice is another powerful tool that reduces calcium oxalate kidney stones. In a study published in The British Journal of Nutrition, the incidence of calcium oxalate stone formation lowered among their subjects who drank half to one litre of grapefruit juice daily due to an increased urine pH and increased citrate levels.

6. Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow root has strong anti-inflammatory properties. This herb contains mucilages, which form a protective coating to soothe tissues that have become inflamed and irritated. This coating protects the digestive and urinary tract when kidney stones pass. Dr. James Balch, author of The Super Antioxidants, recommends a daily intake of two pints of marshmallow root tea to effectively flush out kidney stones from the body.

7. Green Tea

Perhaps everybody agrees that green tea is a wonder drink. A group of doctors from Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences conducted a study in 2005 about the preventative effects of green tea in the formation of renal stones. The study showed that the antioxidant properties of green tea actually lowered the formation of calcium oxalate deposits thus preventing calcium oxalate urolithiasis.  Opt for the caffeine free green tea, and drink at least 2-3 cups a day.

8. Wild Carrot (Leaves and Seeds)

As an aromatic herb, wild carrot (Daucus Carota) is not to be confused with the common vegetable carrot. Wild carrot is a known diuretic, which means it encourages toxins and waste to be flushed out from our kidneys.  It has been said that a herbal infusion of the wild carrot leaves and seeds is a good natural antidote to kidney stone formation. Even if stones have begun to form, the same concoction is still reported to be capable of diminishing those harmful stones and reducing their recurrence.

9. Eat For The Benefit Of Your Kidneys

Too much salt, alcohol and preservatives top the list of food items to avoid. Go for meals that contain a minimal amount of salt and as much as possible cook your own food from fresh ingredients. Buying canned goods is not only more costly but also potentially dangerous to your kidneys. Invest in fruits and vegetables that have high antioxidant properties such as tomatoes, blueberries, squashes and carrots. Beware of red meats (such as pork and beef), oxalate rich foods (nuts, spinach and beans), cold water fish, refined foods like white bread and commercial fast foods like French fries and burgers.

10. A Healthy Lifestyle Means Healthy Kidneys

Before taking any prescription drugs, always consult your doctor first. There are medications that can do more harm to your kidneys than good. Start a habit of doing at least 30 minutes of exercise every day – this will help your body’s fluids to circulate and to keep your system free from kidney stones.

Dr Janardhana Hebbar

Senior Ayurvedic Consultant at CureJoy, Dr. Hebbar has authored 4 books on Ayurveda. Special interests are Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine) and Shalya chikitsa (Surgery).

Dr Janardhana Hebbar

Senior Ayurvedic Consultant at CureJoy, Dr. Hebbar has authored 4 books on Ayurveda. Special interests are Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine) and Shalya chikitsa (Surgery).

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KevinBrowne 5pts

I was getting constant headaches and daily nausea... And then I heard my diagnosis - stage 3 kidney disease. I tried a lot of different medications that my doctor prescribed to stabilize my kidney function, but got no real results. However, one day I scrolled through facebook and accidentally found an alternative treatment method. It was an ebook created by former kidney disease sufferer. He claimed that he reversed his impaired kidney function and cured his kidney disease with only natural remedies. Of course, I was skeptical about it, but I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a go (by the way, you can find it here - http://healthykidneys.info/getreport ). After reading it, I didn't believe that some changes in my nutrition could help me to stabilize my kidney function, but I started to follow it... My doctor was surprised next time he saw my blood test results - they improved!! my kidney disease decreased to stage 2 and my kidneys are getting better every day :) After all I went through - I wish I tried alternative treatment methods earlier...

Susan Day
Susan Day 5pts

I had a 3cm staghorn kidney stone. Gave me sepsis and nearly killed me. My own fault for not drinking enough water when I was younger. I've 4mm left. Trying all the remedies but 2 years later it remains.

DavidsonJohn 5pts

Hello there!Thank you for this helpful video.By the way,I hear lots of people keep on talking about Revive Kidneys Pack (search on google). Have you gone through about this Ayurvedic treatment?I’ve heard many awesome things about it and my friend completely revive kidney functions naturally with the combination of amazing herbs.

Wynd Tupas
Wynd Tupas 5pts

Please tag tito ernie.... ritzelle....you're in charge ..

Leah Buckner Cantwell
Leah Buckner Cantwell 5pts

Karyn is suffering with kidney stones. She was just in the hospital with them. I will call her to make sure she sees this. Thanks so much Patti. Love ya!!!

Patty Roberts
Patty Roberts 5pts

Leah Buckner Cantwell was it you or karen Karyn LaMonte Buckner that ask about kidney stones thought this might help.

Sandi Galloway
Sandi Galloway 5pts

Thanks for this...didn't know about some of this!

कमल सनातनी
कमल सनातनी 5pts

The combination of lemon juice and olive oil is traditionally used as a home remedy to expel gallbladder stones but it can also be used to treat kidney stones. The citric acid present in lemons helps break down calcium-based kidney stones and stops further growth.Take four tablespoons or a quarter cup of fresh lemon juice. Add an equal amount of olive oil. Drink this mixture followed by plenty of water. Do this two to three times a day, up to three days. You need not continue this remedy if you pass the stones in a single dose. Warning: This remedy may not be suitable for passing large kidney stones. Make sure you consult a doctor before taking this remedy.

Jude S. Richard
Jude S. Richard 5pts

For the pain one wedge of lemon and 8 ounces of distilled water every 30 minutes works better than pain pills

Haveesh SD
Haveesh SD 5pts

Even healing water cures colon cancer

Jude S. Richard
Jude S. Richard 5pts

I do a three day fast 1 gallon organic apple juice and 1 gallon distilled water a day for three days dissolves points on small stones and have been able to pass them it works

Haveesh SD
Haveesh SD 5pts

I havea medicine called healing water which cures 30 types of diseases like kidney stones, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, anemia, joint pains etc.

Harry Om
Harry Om 5pts

I have heard to stay away from spinach and also to drink cranberry juice. I had stones back in the day when they had to go get them... and I'm not going to write how that was done, but it surely was not pretty!

Ayurveda 5pts

Glad it was helpful to you!


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